Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bridges and Car Accidnets

I had a couple dreams i can remember last night that felt could use some interpretation.

 The first was of me and my daughter crossing a bridge. She was on her scooter and i was walking. The bridge started to seperate and she got caught in the middle and fell into the water. It was dark out and the water was flowing. I yelled to her to swim to the shore. I was about to jump in after her but she safetly made it to the shore and climbed out. I kept asking her if she was ok, and she would reply that she was just fine.

The other dream occured durring the daytime in a subdivision. I was at my brothers house (not the same as it is in real life) and we were discussing the name of his soon to be son. He told me he was thinking of Henry Michael David. Then he was getting ready for work and got into a drag style race car and sped out of the subdivision. I heard the car rev as it turned the corner behind some trees where i could no longer see the car. I hear it hit another car and roll down the road. I ran out of the house to find a whole family laying on the side of the road. Someone said to me "Its not good".
 I yelled for my brother and could hear him in the distance. He was up the road about a mile and in jail already. The car he was in was demolished. I went to all the children and adults in the family and they were all sleeping. I gently touched their arms and woke them up. Everyone was OK. We talked in what was my brothers home and he was back with us. I was telling them that their necks may be achy for about a week and I touched my own and was in some pain myself. There was one woman there that stated that she was pregnant and got to hear the heartbeat and that the Dr told her that everything should be just fine with her and her baby dispite the car accident.

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