Monday, September 12, 2011

Alligator Swamp

One of the dreams I had this morning started out with my mother and I going to get something she had forgotten at her home. I was then at a lake house on a little lake. I walked around a bend where it turned into a swamp. I was sitting on a little hill and there was 2 people besides me and they were breaking down a tree that was infested with ants. I sat in the grass and watched them break branches and take the stump apart like a Lego castle. The girl was digging around in the tree looking for the ant colony. I got up and noticed a small alligator run past me and into the swamp. The water was very murky and filled with algae. Another little alligator started chasing me and I ran past another HUGE alligator covered in algae and jumped into the water I started screaming for help and swimming towards walmart which was across the swamp. I then thought to myself how stupid it was to jump into the pond and that I shouldve lit a cigarette and scared off the little alligator, now i have the huge one to deal with in this swamp! I was then out and back at the little lake house (almost like the whole dream re-winded) and I was looking out at the water and Eli was in the lake with his life vest on. Then an Alligator pulled him under and I woke up.

I had a few more dreams as well. One of me trying to help people out of an apartment building that was on fire. I helped out 2 small babies with the help of a man who grabbed the woman and another baby. Then I went in and was telling people to get out because of the fire. I got to the top floor and there were 3 boys sitting on a couch playing video games. I told them they needed to get out and one boy told me he was playing with a lighter and cigarette and it started the attic on fire but it went out. I started lecturing him about playing with fire and noticed out the window that the fire truck arrived. I told the boy how hard they have to work and how serious it all is. I then made him climb down the ladder from the top story.

the last one I remember was of me at my home. A totally different house then i am in now. I was cleaning my house and was thinking that i had to work later that evening. my neighbor came by with her kids and laft them at my house. My husband told her I would watch them. I was very aggravated because i didn't say i could and i had to work. I also had a TON of stuff to do. I was crying and going through toys and games that were just a complete mess and disorganized. I was freaking out and everyone seemed to be humored by my anxiety.

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