Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shot Down

My dream was set in a field that was also a parking lot & during the day. My children and I were in our truck and my husband was besides another car. There were 2 men in the car who resembled some 80's gangsters. I am not sure what business my husband had with the men in the car. The driver emerged and my husband and him exchanged a few words I don't remember. The man pulled out a gun, cocked it and shot 2 rounds into the air. My husband then also pulled out and gun and cocked it. He shot the man that emerged from the car. Everything was in slow motion at this time. Then I looked behind my husband and there were a few other men emerging from another vehicle. I called to my husband for us to leave but there were vehicles blocking us and he was not listening. The men had lots of guns and started firing rounds at my husband and hitting him twice. I could see my husband fall slowly to the ground in slow motion and I was freaking out in the car. I unbuckled my sons car seat and pulled him to the floor of the truck. He was whimpering and crying as he watched his father fall to the ground with 2 gunshot wounds that were bleeding. I had the door open and was in the back seat with my children. I called to my husband to come into the vehicle. I was contemplating in my head whether to pull him into the vehicle and drive off or call 911. The other men that shot him got into their vehicles and drove off. I awoke in panic and could not get the dream out of my head.

The next dream I had was set in the night. I was in a fenced in yard throwing Frisbees around. They glowed in the dark. I was playing with a bunch if children I did not know. My son was there. The children I did not know were behaving in odd ways like sucking on each others fingers. I got weirded out and was preparing to leave. I couldn't find my sons shoes. There was an older lady there who was telling me it was all OK and gave me a hug. I thought she was a little weird for letting these children behave the way they were. I left with my son, then woke up.

I will be back to decipher the dream.

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