Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Walk on the Other Side

I haven't blogged here in awhile. My dreams have seems to hinder my good sleep. The more I remembered the more I remembered and the less sleep I felt I was getting. I wake up really groggy after a night of dreams that I remember. I have been on a medication for the last few days and I really think its messing with me. Emotionally and messing with my sleep. I hope this stops when I'm done with these meds.

The dream I had last night was extremely vivid. I was in a field, it was day, with a friend of ours that passed nearly 5 years ago. He was slimmer and looked older. He looked good. I gave him a hug and asked how he was doing. I could smell his cologne even. He replied fine and asked the same of me. I replied with an "OK". He then told me something that I knew I would forget. But it was important. I told him to tell me later because I KNEW I would forget it. He told me he would whisper it to me again sometime. I'm not sure if at this point I knew I was dreaming or if I had known the whole dream. I felt as though I was walking with him in "his heaven" or something like the movie "What Dreams May Come".
He started walking along over a hill in the field towards a creek. I then noticed a weird scar on his head. A scar as if he'd got shot in the head. On the back left side of his scull.
We reached the creek and walked up it and then there were many people around.  We were in the water, to at least our knees. I think I was standing on something to keep me afloat.
I noticed a little boy and our friend Cory mentioned it was another one of our friends children whom he didn't even know about because the mother had an abortion. He was a 7 year old boy and very cute. With red curly hair, green hazel eyes and freckles. I held his chin and told him he was adorable and smiled at him. As we started walking away I turned back and started to tell the boy he would soon have a cousin on Earth but a wave passed over him so he couldn't hear. I stated that I maybe I shouldn't have said that and Cory replied that I cant say things here about what is happening on Earth.
I asked him if he'd seen my daughter Stella, who died last October, and he replied that he indeed had talked to her a few times. His look was worry some but I was not sure why.
We continued walking into what seemed to be an ocean or something. We came to a canyon and were then out of the water. I looked over the cliff and there was a river of sand and in the sand was foot prints of every kind. Animals and human. They were slowly drifting down the canyon like a river.
I said something like "Now that is what they mean about footprints in the sand".
I asked Cory is there were dinosaurs here and ha said "OH YES"
Just after I heard a ROAR and some stomping. At this time the sun had set and it was dark. Around the corner of the canyon came a T-Rex. It bit at the rocks on the side of the canyon and started towards us.
We climbed into, what seemed to be, a huge old ship just plastered into the side of the canyon. Inside people were partying, dancing and drinking. Everything they had was old. Like champagne from 1984 and there were old posters on the walls. We walked though the ship in and out of different rooms. I remember still feeling scared about the T-Rex. We went down some white metal stairs into a corridor and then into an office. Cory sat in a char and I was sitting on the desk next to him. He then asked me. "Has he sent out the letters yet to get everything figured out, you know, what happened to me?"
I told him I didn't know then asked him "What really did happen to you?"
I immediately woke up from my dream trying to remember what it was he told me in the beginning of the dream.
I laid in bed and raced over the dream quite a few times before getting out of  bed. I still cant remember what it was he told me.

I will have to come back and try interpreting this dream.

Do you feel like you can visit "the other side" in dreams or find a comon ground in the dream relm and loved ones who have passed can visit you?

Please share your dream experiences!

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