Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the Beginning....There was a dream.

I have dreams every night and most times i can remember these dreams vividly. I decided to start a blog on these dreams and interpret them using online dream dictionaries, then compare these interpretations to the evens in my waking life. I have been though many tragic events in my life and may of these life changing evens have been with in the last year. I have a blog about the biggest life changing event @ This blog talks about the loss of my newborn baby in Oct. of 2010. She was born full-term and durring an emergency Csect she didn't make it. It has obviously had an impact on my life and even the life i have in my dreams. Read as i try to make sense of my unconscious mind, and discover what my dreams may be telling me.  I ask everyone to join in and share their dreams, or interpretations of mine!
Dream On!

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